Client Testimonials

The best Korea hair spa treatment I have ever tried!! I highly recommend

– Cheng Lian –


Had my hair done by OHJun last Friday. It was a great hairdressing experience with fun and chatty OHJun and staff making hours melt away like minutes . OHJun’s hospitality was also in a class of its own. If the experience was great, my hair do was superb. I had my long hair halve in length, colored and perm…basically got myself a new look. Have been greeted with compliments for days now … a big thank you to OHJun!!!

– Fiona


We were looking for a Korean hair salon while on a vacation in KL from SG, and found Oh Jun on Google. We honestly did not expect much, but boy were we surprised.Oh Jun and his staff were very approachable, assuring and precise. At one point, Oh Jun even offered us Kimchi Chiggae that he cooked himself! It was very good.I came in for a volume rebonding and perm, while my friend got her hair coloured. Both of us were very satisfied with their recommendations. I think Singaporeans would be pleasantly surprised with the service standards at Oh Jun. Give it a try:)

– Joey


I have not been blessed with good hair. I have tried many products in hope of improving the condition of my hair but to no avail. I am often left disappointed after paying for an expensive treatment when the results do not show any difference. However, at OhJun’s I finally found a treatment that really works. I have been faithfully having Oh Jun’s Korean Spa treatment every month since. Oh Jun not only looks after the condition of my hair, he makes me look current as well. Also to add, he is a great cook. At every visit, I get to sample a taste of Korea. Thanks Oh Jun!

– Chin Ai Vye


I can’t thank you enough for recommending such a great hairstyle for me. I was unsure at first when you ask me to color my hair and perm as well but it really blow me away after looking at the result. I didn’t expect to turn out to be so nice!! Thank you again Oh Jun. Kam sa ha mi da:)

If you would like to ask Oh Jun a question, please go to his Facebook page and post your question on his wall. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Kam sa ha mi da 🙂

– Thomas Hay


“Oh Jun is not just a hair stylist, he is also an artist. Watching him cut someone’s hair is like a performance. The way he snips, shaves, and shears is like a dance ritual between him and the hair. He knows what’s best for you. My hair has been happily married to this man for 7 years and counting!”

– Sarah


“Oh Jun is my hairstylist since I started to perm my hair in 2006 till now. No matter how many times I perm n color my hair, my hair still in good condition till now. I have no worries when he did my hair every time. Therefore, I’m so happy to have him as my hair stylist.

Oh Jun,thank you very much\(^3^)/”

– Foong Chin


I have been to countless hairdressers and almost always been disappointed in some way ! Finally I have found one that delivers in every way brilliantly. I’ve been having my hair cut, perm and colour at Oh Jun Saloon for the past 2 years, it’s great when people around complimented on my hair. Really, check it out – definitely worth a mention the next time you do one of these.
Thank you Oh Jun: )

– Emily Teoh


“Oh Jun is my family’s hairstylist. My sisters and mum go to visit his hair salon regularly. We are very happy with Oh Jun’s hairstyling and only let Oh Jun styles our hair ever since then.

Oh Jun, you are the best!”

– Siow Wae


“Oh Jun is one of the most professional hair stylist and designer I have experienced. He will advise and design the best hairstyle that suits my face, lifestyle and most importantly, does not damage my hair texture. I have natural thin hair and in my other experiences with other hairstylists …. They would push product and services and not care if it hurts my hair… Only Oh Jun cared for my hair and I have been enjoying my hair styles for the past 7 years I had frequented Oh Jun Hair Salon.”

– Mimi Lim


“Super super great! You always get what you want!”

– Chieng


“I got to know about Oh Jun Hair Salon because of my friend, who was trying to find a good hairstylist but couldn’t find one. I’m actually from JB, but there’s a chance I came to KL one year ago and my friend recommended me to him. I had very long hair that time and never cut short since 10yrs ago. But surprisingly Oh Jun said it’s nice if I cut short and I just trusted him without any hesitations… The outcome was great and I received alot of good comments…I like his skills and he gives good suggestions. Since then,whenever I go to KL, I will look for him to cut my hair. And one thing shocked me,Oh Jun has got a very good memory, he can remember me even though I don’t come so often!”

– Mindy


“Good choice for people who are looking nice hair style and easy to take care of.”

– Debbie Lin


“Pleasant service, helpful, one of the staff speaks good English, so no communication problem, pleased with the product used in dyeing my hair, hair shines and is soft after dyeing.”

– JTenny Lau


“Look for Oh Jun to cut your hair, you will feel something diff. ^^”

– Ivy H.


“Trust Jun with the style! Great shoulder massage too!”

– Swee L.


“Oppa Oh Jun Style!! Never regret to trust a hair stylist like him! ^^ “

– Happy Jojo


I went to Oh Jun as I was highly recommended by a friend and I must say I was pleased. I had my hair cut and colored and treated the Korean way!!! Service was superb and I will definitely go back! Thank you Jun. I made the right choice!!!

-Aileen D


I’ve been a loyal customer to Oh Jun Hair Salon for 6 years. He never failed to create a different hairstyle each time I visit. He just knew what is the best hair. A must try Korean Hair Spa at Oh Jun Salon,you will see instant result of silkier hair and easy to manage that can last for 3weeks. Amazing results .
– Angie Loh


” Your style ! ” he said to me. That was his first impression of me. My first impression of him ? His honesty. “What can you do for me ? ” He replied ” Korean perm ” I nearly fell to the ground. The last time I had my hair permed was before the turn of the millennium!
I went to Oh Jun with my own organic colour not expecting anything else to be done except hair coloring. That was only my second visit to the salon & I should trust him with his ” Korean Perm ” ? Gotta be joking. ” OK la ” Till today, I am still astonished with my decision on that day. But… I am pleased I did. I have never paid much attention to my hair. Wash-and-go kind of person. I trim my hair once a year. Visiting hair salons is not one of my favorite past time. As I am clumsy with brush & hair dryer, Oh Jun assured me that I need not spend time styling my hair. Should the result turn out to be a disaster, I can always cut it away & curse him & his salon. The whole ‘ operation ‘ happen very quickly. Korean Perm took just about 7 min on my hair texture. Within an hour and a half, I was out of OhJun’s salon door with a smile. Compliments came from all around the neighborhood. I looked like I was born with naturally wavy hair ! After each wash at home, I applied hair serum. Then semi blow dry my hair with cold air , at the same time I twirl the hair with the tool I know best, my fingers. That does not need much time. I have my hair tied or bun up during the day. When i let my hair down, it looks as though I have just been to the salon. Maintainance is minimal. Having layered at the length just below the shoulder contributes to the effect,too.
It has been 6 months & the curl still satisfying, to my standard. I like the pace of their servises : Oh Jun is attentive, fast & precise, the staff are also courteous. Every other month, I look forward to my hair appointment. especially the hand & shoulder massage.
– Gillien G


I heard about Oh Jun from my cousin and I did some searching… and hence decided to give it a try. It turned out really nice and I’m happy about it. I always have difficulty finding a good stylist. The service were excellent too. It’s not just your hair they are focusing on but they make your time spent there as comfortable as possible. I particular like he cuts your hair right at your appointment time without washing your hair first. I think that’s important so that he can actually see how one’s style their hair and see what are improvement needed. Shampooing only after all the hair cut is done is a great idea and it’s saves time.
– Vivien


Quick and precise . That would be how I described Mr Oh Jun. I love my new hairstyles Mr Oh Jun created for me and everyone said so too. Oppah korean styles. Thanks ! Did korean natural wave perm and hair waxing. Visited in May 2013. Will visit soon.

-Joey Lai


Oh jun is AWESOME.
I had hard time to find good hair saloon. I am not Malaysian. Since i came to malaysia, my hair damaged a lot. But one day i heard about oh jun salon and visited them. I had best service. They even give you best advice for your hair. I have done many things. But i never get dissapointed with their work.



I get to know bout Oh Jun Hair Salon through Cleo magazine.. I had a natural long curly hair but its so dry.. I wanted to do rebonding to my fringe, have a hair cut and buy a good product from a good salon.. I have been to many salons and always feel dissappointed with the hair cut and how my hair become dry using their products.. So I plan to give a try to Oh Jun Hair Salon.. I went there with my mom and felt in love with their service and the way they treat us.. And I love the hair cut done by Jenice, one of the hair stylist :) .. She is very friendly and comfortable to talk to.. Their product is also very good.. my dry hair is much more smoother now.. So I just want to tell that I LOVE OH JUN HAIR SALON n IT WILL BE MY FAVORITE HAIR SALON EVER AFTER.. Thank you..



I’ve been a happy and satisfied customer for more than a year now. I used to changed a lot of hair stylists as I couldn’t find one who can create the hair style I want without damaging my hair. I’m always very pleased with oh Jun’s creation, I’ve since recommended my mum and sisters too!



I’ve been a regular here and the first time I tried the Korea setting perm, i was hooked as it looks very natural, easy to maintain and lasts me up to a year. Will definitely go for this again.



Thanks Oh Jun! You make my hair looked great! Finally I have found a hairdresser whom I can rely on.

-BH. Lee


You are the best hair professional I have ever known, Jun. Thank you for taking good care of my hair. Wish you have a clone in Singapore!

– Angeline Chong



  1. Eve says:

    OhJun salon treats their customers very well, wonderful staff and amazing customer service, something rather rare in most salons I have visited. Also, I have curled my hair before and never liked it, for the first time with OhJun hair salon, I’m happy with the curls. Thank you 🙂

  2. AnGela Low says:

    A sharing of my experience… I get to know OhJun 오 준 from CLEO magazine. I have decided to give it a try. The curl turns out so much nicer and i love it so much!! One thing it’s easy to manage. No more heavy moose, hair cream or gel ,the curl still can maintain its beautiful curl the whole day! At the moment, OhJun is the only hair salon i came by that gave me a full satisfaction. I was once very disappointed by the previous hair salon that made my hair so much damage and frizzy, even i have to go bck the salon to do the 2nd curl as the curl disappeared right after my hair wahsed. I was abit worry to do the curl again but i have decided to give OhJun a try and indeed OhJun has let me gained bck my confidence. My hair at least look so much better than before. Hence,i have decided to spend alittle of my time to give a good comments here. Remember to look for Ohjun. ^^ 화 이 틴 오 준 !

  3. Pennypcf says:

    I would like to thanks my stylist, Tasha for the beautiful hairdo she did for me! I will definitely come back again to Oh Jun hair salon! 😉

  4. Kenix says:

    Anyone heard about hair waxing? Yes there is hair waxing treatment at OhJun hair salon after the waxing treatment .. Hair wil become smoother. Shinny Color . Waxing is pretty more natural treatment there is no chemical in this waxing product..
    U guy may try for this waxing treatment

  5. Lara says:

    Got a perm just a few wekks ago. Even though if have european hair it worked perfectly and I am still very happy about the result. Everybody was so friendly, I can only recommend it! Thanks a lot!

  6. Happy^^ Jojo says:

    “Oppa Oh Jun Style!! Never be regret to trust a hair stylist like him! ^^ “

  7. Mindy says:

    I get to know about Oh Jun hair salon because of my friend, was trying to find a good hairstylist but couldnt get it. Im actually not staying in kl,i m staying in jb,but there’s a chance i came kl one year ago and my friend recommended me. I had very long hair that time and never cut short since 10yrs ago. But suprisingly oh jun said its nice if i cut short and i just trusted him without any considering… the outcome was great and i received alot of good comments…i like his skill and he can give good suggestion. Sinxe then,whenever i go kl, i will look for him to do hair cut. And one thing shocked me,he got very good memory,he can remember me even im not going often!

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