Services Offered

Hair Cuts & Perms

Cut, Wash & Blowdry 
Oh Jun’s hair art is created with a cutting-edge proprietary approach – inspired by Korean methods. Every Oh Jun Hair Salon stylists are extraordinarily knowledgeable about the latest techniques and trends. We work one-on-one with you, understanding your features and lifestyle, in order to create a customized look that complements your face, highlights your features and reflects your personality and style.

Short Hair RM 95 RM 85
Long Hair RM 105 RM 95
Short Hair RM 85 RM 65
Long Hair RM 95 RM 75
Short Hair RM 60 RM 45
Long Hair RM 70 RM 55

Perm Setting
Depending on the length and tightness of curl, Oh Jun uses the latest technology to perm your hair according to your desire. This technology enables your hair to maintain defined and strong curls for a long time without damaging your hair. Results will last between 6-9 months.

KOREA PERM SETTING     Stylist                   Professional   (Digital & Manual)                  
Short Hair RM 250               RM 300
Medium Hair RM 300               RM 350
Long Hair RM 350               RM 400
Heating Perm                       Stylist                  Professional
Short Hair RM 230               RM 280
Medium Hair RM 300               RM 310
Long Hair RM 300               RM 350

Men’s Perming                     Stylist                    Professional

Short Hair RM 200                 RM 250
Medium Hair RM 250                 RM 300
Long Hair RM 300                 RM 350
Children’s Perm                      Stylist                  Professional
Short Hair RM 150               RM 200
Medium Hair RM 200               RM 250
Long Hair RM 250               RM 300

Restorative Salon Conditioning Treatments
Available only at Oh Jun Hair Salon, a personalized hair treatment restores and enhances your hair’s health and natural glow. Our in-salon, professional-grade conditioning service is prescriptive to your hair’s particular needs and administered by our professionals. You will experience immediate results— healthier, shinier, softer, fuller, and more hydrated hair.

Korean HairSpa                 Stylist                      Professional
Short Hair RM 230                    RM 230
Medium Hair RM 280                    RM 280
Long Hair RM 330                    RM 330
Wella’s SP Treatment                Stylist                      Professional
Short Hair RM 80                     RM 80
Medium Hair RM 120                   RM 120
Long Hair RM 150                   RM 150
Short Hair RM 50
Long Hair RM 100
Wella’s SP ScalpTreatment
Short Hair RM 100 – 150
Long Hair RM 200 – 250
Basic Treatment
Short Hair  RM 60
Long Hair RM 100

Hair Colouring

All-Over Custom Colour
Transform your look with drama or create a subtle change at the hands of our expert Colourists who masterfully apply vibrant colour. Oh Jun’s Colourists design an individualized colour based on your style, personality, eye colour, skin tone, and the look you wish to achieve.

Bleach & Tone
We design the perfect blonde shade for your style and skin tone—from golden honey to vibrant platinum. Our experts safely lift colour from virgin or previously coloured hair and render a new, all-over shade for your hair that is lustrous and beautifully conditioned.

Corrective Colour
Think of us as your Salon ER. Our certified Colourists restore your hair’s optimum colour and vibrancy with expertise and precision.


Our foiling technique showcases our hair artistry, enabling us to use a full range of complementary shades for intensity and dimension to create everything from dramatically chunky effects to subtle, natural-looking colour.

Wella’s Colour and Highlight       Stylist                  Professional
Short Hair RM 120               RM 150
Medium Hair RM 180               RM 220
Long Hair RM 250               RM 300
L’oreal Iona Colour                        Stylist                 Professional
Short Hair RM 120               RM 180
Medium Hair RM 180               RM 250
Long Hair RM 250               RM 330

Frizz Free Treatments

Rebonding Treatment
Free yourself from unruly curl and frizz with our rebonding smoothing treatment. It eliminates frizz, curl and  softens  the coarsest hair. Your styling time will be drastically reduced, and your hair will be silky and shiny! Gentle for all hair types including colour treated and chemically processed hair, results will last between 6-9 months.

Korean Volume Rebonding      Stylist               Professional
Short Hair RM 270               RM 350
Medium Hair RM 320               RM 400
Long Hair RM 370               RM 450
Korean Perm Setting & Rebonding  Stylist                  Professional
Short Hair RM 450               RM 500
Medium Hair RM 500               RM 550
Long Hair RM 550               RM 600

Hair Styling for Events

Want to show-up with magazine worthy hairstyles? We specialise in glamorous customised ponytails and enchanting upsweep buns.

Short Hair RM 80
Medium Hair RM 100
Long Hair RM 120


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  2. Allen Liong says:

    Hi , I’ve bleach my hair 4 weeks ago , now the root has some blacks coming out , my hair is actually quite short, i was thinking to touch up at your place, may i know the price is it still vary from the price above , as my hair yellowness has come out, kinda sure needed to re-bleach again to remove yellowish, previously i was using schwarzkopf igora 8-11, hair length top around 8cm.
    just touch up price, will love to get to your place for touch up

    • 안녕하세요

      Hi Allen Liong, happy new year and sorry for the late revert. we’re happy to welcomes you for your hairdo to our salon. Above the price, so far there’s no such changes as stated, but we woul like you to meet our professional for the overall charges and style that he might recommends and consults you. really look forward for your visit with our open arms.

  3. Thomas Hay says:

    Hi Oh Jun,
    I cant thank you enough for recommending such a great hairstyle for me. I was unsure at first when you ask me to color my hair and perm as well but it really blow me away after looking at the result. I didn’t expect to turn out to be so nice!! Thank you again Oh Jun. Kam sa ha mi da 🙂

  4. Jeffrey says:

    Hi, i’ve got your Davines voucher. I understand that is a hair treatment voucher, but have to dye hair as well. Well i would like to use this voucher for my girlsfriend which she actually wants to have her hair dye. Just wondering how much would it be, or perhaps how do i use this voucher?

    • Hi Jeffrey,

      Thanks for the commentary. About the voucher, you can give it to her and make sure that her name stated on the detail required column. The voucher only applicable when you dropped by to our salon for hair color services and its only cover the treatment after color service. For hair color service charge, kindly contact us through phone or walk in.

  5. Amanda says:

    Hi Oh Jun ^^,
    I want to know how much will it cost if I want to ombre my hair blonde around 6-7 inches. My hair is layered, the longest part is about 23-24 inches, the shortest part is somewhere in between 17-18 inches.If I were to get it professionally done using the L’oreal Iona Colour.

    • Hi Amanda

      Sorry for the late response. As answering your inquiry, the best way is by walk in to our salon and let our professional assists you about the matter. We’re always welcoming you at our salon.

  6. Hanna says:

    Hi oh jun! I got a very damages n dry hair. I have done digital perm twice but seem like its not work out. I spend more than 1k for both digital perm but the result was disipointed. Really hope u guys can help me. I’m planning to visit ur shop soon.

    • Hi Hanna,
      I’m sorry to hear that your hair is damaged due to the perm. Please visit us so that we can try and rescue your hair from further damages. See you soon. Kam sa ha mi da 🙂

      – Oh Jun

  7. subhie says:

    hi oh jun!have heard and read a lot about your excellent perming services.would love to try it out as well but, i am expecting rite perming the bottom part of your hair safe during pregnancy?

    • Hi there! Congratulations on your pregnancy! We recommend that you ask your Dr for advice regarding this matter. I care about my client’s welfare very much. And we try not to perm expecting mother’s hair – especially if they are in their first trimester. Good luck!

  8. Siow Wae says:

    Oh Jun is my family’s hairstylist. My sisters and mum go to visit his hair salon regularly. We are very happy with Oh Jun’s hairstyling and only let Oh Jun styles our hair ever since then.
    “Oh Jun, you are the best!”

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